Are zillow and trulia the facebooks for houses

Dated: 10/09/2012

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Facebook for houses?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Unless you crop out 75o of the 1000 words.

I guesstimate 10 un-facebook-able photos precede every Facebook profile picture. After extensive review, cropping, and airbrushing very few make the final cut. Inboxes are crashed by the number of emails required to obtain approval of the women in a group shot. Thanks to Facebook family-get-togethers now require a full face of make-up, and I am trying to squeeze in an Adobe Photoshop class. Don’t get me started on how pictures on Pinterest affect me: I want to make cardigans from old t-shirts, hang barn doors in my living room, and make dog beds from upside-down-end-tables. Wait, that last sentence is a bit off topic.

Facebook taught us that pictures don’t always represent reality. What a shock when that really cute couple with all those lovey-dovey (gag) wall postings and pictures from their travel all over the world broke-up. But, they looked so happy…. My personal favorite is when my clients say, “Umm, did you change your hair? You just look so different from what I expected.” Then spend the next ten minutes trying to decide how I look different, and/or trying to recover from their shock. PEOPLE, realtors use a picture from the year they became licensed agents, not the current year. Duh.

Picture (that word again!) houses in the same neighborhood as people on Facebook that went to the same high school. Everyone is checking everyone else out, trying to get glimpses of the “real” person/house. Hmm, do they have granite in their kitchen? Wow, look at that tacky paint color! Can you believe they paid for a helicopter to fly over and take an aerial?

Housebook Version:

Oops, we forgot to mention the previous owner was a little bitter. They may have taken a few (nailed down) items with them. And don’t worry about the notice from the city regarding the swimming pool!

Reality Version:

Or my personal favorite. Meet the neighbor.

Does is irritate you when your agent asks you to “drive by ” the homes before he/she schedules showings? Then double checks that you “drove by” the houses on your list. It isn’t laziness on the agent’s part, although gas ain’t cheap people. In reality, one drive-by can save the buyer time, the buyer’s agent time, the seller time, the seller’s agent time, scheduling services, housekeepers and the potential list of victims goes on. We could be shoe shopping with this wasted time. Granted, drive-bys are not always possible. Many clients are doomed to discover the shocking betrayal of housebook. The best of agents cannot protect you. Afterall, we thought our old flames looked hot too….. until the reunion

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